• ">Significant Shaman Nerfs Coming To Hearthstone

    Blizzard will be nerfing two key Shaman cards in the upcoming 6.1.3 update for Hearthstone. In an official blog post outlining all the upcoming changes, Blizzard stated that they’re “happy that Shaman has many deckbuilding options to choose from, but we are taking this opportunity to adjust two of the most widely played and frustrating Shaman cards.” The cards in question are Rockbiter Weapon and Tuskarr Totemic. The former is having its mana cost increased by one, and the latter is having its card text tweaked. The new Tuskarr will now only be able to randomly summon standard totems as opposed

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  • ">SHIELD May Have Just Introduced Another Captain America

    Spoilers follow for last night’s Agents of SHIELD. On last night’s Agents of SHIELD episode, “Meet the New Boss,” actor Jason O’Mara’s character was introduced. As the replacement for Clark Gregg’s Phil Coulson as the new director of the titular organization, Marvel had kept O’Mara’s character a mystery leading up to the new season of SHIELD — though they had also hinted that he has roots that extend back in Marvel history to the 1940s. And now we know the new director’s name: He’s Jeffrey Mace, and he certainly does have a pretty significant backstory in the comics. But first,

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  • ">Batman: Deathstroke Star Teases Comics Research

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    Joe Manganiello will star as Deathstroke in Warner Bros.’ upcoming Batman solo film, and to prepare for the role, the True Blood and Magic Mike star is doing a bit of DC Comics research. In a pair of posts on Twitter, Manganiello shared a couple of images of DC-branded goods, including Deathstroke POP! figures and a sizable assortment of comics to read through, spanning everything from “Deathstroke: The Terminator” to “Teen Titans.” Continue reading… : http://feeds.ign.com/ign/news

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  • ">Daily Deals: So Many Xbox One S Deals, Remote Control Millennium Falcon, 4K HDR TVs

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    Welcome to IGN’s Daily Deals, your source for the best deals on the stuff you actually want to buy. If you buy something through this post, IGN may get a share of the sale. For more, read our Terms of Use. It’s a Really Good Time to Buy an Xbox One S If you’re in the market for the new 4K-ready Xbox One S, you’re in luck, just about ever retailer out there has a compelling offer for you. Amazon and the Microsoft Store are both offering free games (on top of games like Madden that come in the standard bundles), and

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  • ">One Of The Death Star's Most Iconic Features Was Actually An Accident

    The final exciting moments from A New Hope revolved around Luke and company flying through the Death Star’s trenches in order to fire a missile into the reactor core, destroying the station. But it turns out, The Death Star only had certain features completely by accident. : http://www.cinemablend.com/rss.php,movies news

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